Saturday 13 February 2021

The Scribe (A Kramer & Carver Thriller Book 1) - A. A. Chaudhuri

Making it as a lawyer has always been a cutthroat business.

A killer is targeting former students of The Bloomsbury Academy of Law. The victims – all female – are gruesomely butchered according to a pattern corresponding with the legal syllabus. Even more disconcerting are riddles sent by the killer to investigating officer, Chief Inspector Jake Carver, offering clues as to who is next and where they will die.

Up-and-coming lawyer Madeline Kramer, a former classmate of a number of the slain, soon finds her life turned upside down by the savagery. And when she decides to help Carver track down the killer, she places herself in mortal danger. Can Maddy and Carver unscramble the complex riddles and save the lives of those destined to die?

A. A. Chaudhuri’s Ripper-like mystery, The Scribe, throws down a challenge even hardened crime thriller fans will be unable to resist. It's perfect for those who love Lee Child and Ian Rankin.

What did I think?

I don't listen to many audiobooks as I find that my attention drifts and I end up missing vital parts of the story but this was definitely not the case with The Scribe, narrated by David Thorpe.  The plot is exceptional, the narration is outstanding and my attention was held for every single minute of the 13 hours and 26 minutes of the book.

I love legal thrillers and A. A. Chaudhuri has written something so completely different to anything I have ever read before by teaming up a young lawyer with a Chief Inspector, leaving the courtroom behind and creating more of a police procedural.  There's a killer in London and all of the victims are not only former students of a law academy, they are former lovers of the philandering professor, which makes him the prime suspect.  

Young lawyer, Maddy Kramer finds herself helping the police when she sees connections between the victims and has an idea where the killer may strike next.  It might be putting her own life in danger but she is determined to stop the killer and she also quite fancies the Chief Inspector, Jake Carver.  The plot focuses on the killings so there's not really any sexual tension between Kramer and Carver, it's more of a growing admiration and I'm looking forward to seeing how this relationship develops throughout the series.

David Thorpe's narration left me speechless; every character has a different voice so it really does give the impression that there is more than one narrator.  The whole story is brought to life through David Thorpe's dulcet tones and it not only held my attention but kept me fully engaged.  I had only planned to listen to the audiobook while exercising but I found that I snuck in a few extra chapters whenever possible as I couldn't wait to find out what happened next.

I think the narration may be a bit too good as it caused me to be suspicious of a particular character; even though I had guessed partly right, it didn't spoil my enjoyment of the story as this wasn't the only twist to be revealed.  I even thought I was completely wrong at one point as the storyline shot off in a different direction and just when I thought all had become clear, there are still some shocks and surprises in store.

Fast-paced and hugely entertaining, The Scribe is a sharply plotted, highly addictive legal thriller and police procedural rolled into one.  I absolutely loved it and I already have book 2, The Abduction, lined up to play next.

Many thanks to the author for arranging the audio files to be sent to me from Isis Audio for the purpose of review; this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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