Saturday 13 March 2021

BLOG TOUR: Sleep Tight (DC Rose Gifford 1) - C. S. Green

The nightmare is only just beginning…

When DC Rose Gifford is called to investigate the death of a young woman suffocated in her bed, she can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to the crime than meets the eye.

It looks like a straightforward crime scene – but the police can’t find the killer. Enter DS Moony – an eccentric older detective who runs UCIT, a secret department of the Met set up to solve supernatural crimes. Moony wants Rose to help her out – but Rose doesn’t believe in any of that.

Does she?

As the killer prepares to strike again, Rose must pick a side – before a second woman dies.

Twisty, original and compelling, SLEEP TIGHT is perfect for fans of Alex North and Cara Hunter.

What did I think?

What a fantastic start to a new series!  With a touch of the supernatural, Sleep Tight isn't just any old police procedural, it's a scary, creepy and downright spine-tingling one!  I am absolutely thrilled that it's the first book in a new series as I already want more.

DC Rose Gifford doesn't let anyone into her life as she has something to hide and although it's quite annoying for her, I found it rather amusing.  Rose's family history is very intriguing and, as it's only just touched upon in Sleep Tight, I know that there is so much more to come.  Rose just wants to be normal but her mother is always there to remind her that she is anything but.  Rose can't even pretend to be normal at work as even a secret police department sees something in her that makes them want her in their team.

Rose and her team are investigating a killer who is preying on women suffering from night terrors and sleep paralysis; a killer who is haunting their dreams, passing through locked doors and disappearing when they wake, if they're lucky enough to wake at all that is.  The police are baffled but DS Moony believes in the unbelievable and this unusual case is just the sort of thing that her team would investigate.

With a plot that knows no bounds, absolutely anything could happen in this outstanding book and I willingly opened my mind to prepare myself for the unexpected.  The whole premise got under my skin so much that it made my skin goosebump and crawl and I often had to stop myself from nervously looking over my shoulder.  It's not a book I wanted to read in bed at night, that's for sure!

Sleep Tight is an extraordinary police procedural that pushes the boundaries of what we are conditioned to believe.  I loved it!

I received a gifted ARC to read and review for the blog tour; all opinions are my own.

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C.S Green is the pseudonym for Sunday Times and ebook bestseller Cass Green. Her debut adult novel The Woman Next Door was a No.1 e-book bestseller and her second, In A Cottage, In A Wood was a Sunday Times top ten and USA Today bestseller. Don’t You Cry was her third standalone thriller. She is the Writer in Residence at East Barnet School and teaches crime fiction at City University and children’s fiction for Writers and Artist’s Yearbook.

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