Monday 26 July 2021

In the Middle of Middle America - David B. Lyons


Time: September, 1997.

Place: Lebanon, Kansas—quite literally, as marked by a monument, the very middle of middle America.

A teacher. A soldier. An immigrant. A joker. A loner. A chancer. A carer.

A mosaic of seven regular townsfolk are going about their days, blissfully unaware their lives are about to interweave, interchange and interact; entangling into such a messy web that, together — and unbeknownst to them — their lives end up changing the face of America forevermore.

In the mold of movies such as Traffic, Magnolia & The Usual Suspects, In the Middle of Middle America follows multiple characters and allows the reader to become a fly on the wall to observe these seven lives entangling into such a mess that they ultimately lead the reader into a head-spinning twist.

What did I think?

OMG!  This may very well be one of the best books I have ever read.  Just scroll down to the bottom of my review and click the buy link now - you will not be disappointed.  For anyone still reading, I'll tell you why I loved this book so much.

With a number of character storylines to follow, it is indeed a tangled web that is woven by David B. Lyons in his latest novel, In the Middle of Middle America.  There may be a decent number of characters but it never gets confusing as each one is brought to life through the absolutely flawless writing and I really cared about each and every one of them.  Even the small town location of Lebanon, Kansas feels like almost a character in itself and there really is a monument there marking the very centre of America.

This book is so perfectly plotted that it will blow your mind.  I know I was left like a gaping fish out of water at the end, gasping for breath and flapping around in excitement as the magnitude of the absolute masterpiece I had just experienced finally hit me.  David B. Lyons is the Master of Misdirection and this is without doubt his magnum opus - it really is nothing short of a masterpiece.  Stand up and take a bow, Mr Lyons!  I certainly gave him a virtual round of applause at the end.

Five stars is not enough for In the Middle of Middle America; it's simply outstanding!  Honestly, I can't stop raving about this book - it's an absolute MUST READ!  It's a book I would like to read again, even though I now know the awesome twist, just to see how cleverly it is written.  David B. Lyons is such a talented wordsmith and coupled with his intricate plotting makes him one of the cleverest authors I've come across.

Easily my favourite book of 2021, In the Middle of Middle America is an outstanding small town mystery suspense that sure packs a big punch.  I challenge you to read a better book this year!  I don't just recommend it, I implore you to read it - I guarantee you won't regret it.  

I received a digital ARC from the author to read and review; this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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