Thursday 29 July 2021

The Devil's Advocate (Eddie Flynn #6) - Steve Cavanagh


They call him the King of Death Row. Randal Korn has sent more men to their deaths than any district attorney in the history of the United States.


When a young woman, Skylar Edwards, is found murdered in Buckstown, Alabama, a corrupt sheriff arrests the last person to see her alive, Andy Dubois. It doesn't seem to matter to anyone that Andy is innocent.


Everyone in Buckstown believes Andy is guilty. He has no hope of a fair trial. And the local defense attorney assigned to represent him has disappeared.


Hot shot New York lawyer Eddie Flynn travels south to fight fire with fire. He plans to destroy the prosecutors case, find the real killer and save Andy from the electric chair.

But the murders are just beginning.

Is Eddie Flynn next? 

What did I think?

This is only the second Eddie Flynn book that I have read but I was so excited to receive a copy that it didn't linger very long on my TBR.  That's the beauty of Steve Cavanagh's Eddie Flynn books: you can jump into any of them mid-series and they are still AWESOME!

I love New York lawyer Eddie Flynn and the way that he and his team work.  It seems like they are really up against it this time when they are called to Alabama to defend a young man against a district attorney who has a 100% death penalty conviction record.  DA Randal Korn is evil personified and Andy Dubois is his latest target; he doesn't care whether Andy is guilty or not, he just wants to watch another man die and know that he had the power to put him in the chair. 

Eddie Flynn believes that Andy is innocent but with corruption in the local sheriff's department and the whole town baying for Andy's blood he really has his work cut out to prove it.  Enter Flynn's new partner Kate Brooks, investigator Bloch (armed with her impressive gun named Maggie) and not forgetting old pal Harry and the dream team is ready to fight evil in Alabama.

Korn is so creepy he really made my skin crawl and if I thought he was evil then I was completely unprepared for 'The Pastor'.  I don't want to give away any plot spoilers but wow this is a powerful storyline.  The Pastor is the puppet master pulling the strings of the whole town to play out a shocking plan.  It's frightening to see how easily people can be manipulated and this is wonderfully portrayed by Steve Cavanagh in his breathtaking plot.

The Devil's Advocate is FANTASTIC!  I raced through it, only pausing to tell people how brilliant it is.  I may have only read two of them but Eddie Flynn is fast becoming one of my favourite series.  With vivid courtroom scenes and an incredibly sharp plot, The Devil's Advocate is crime writing at its finest.  It's so very highly recommended and don't worry if you haven't read any of the earlier books, it's exceptional as a standalone.

I received an ARC from the publisher and boy did I choose to read it - just try and stop me!  All opinions are my own.

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