Friday 26 August 2022

BLOG TOUR: Longshadow (Regency Faerie Tales Book 3) - Olivia Atwater

Proper Regency ladies are not supposed to become magicians - but Miss Abigail Wilder is far from proper.

The marriageable young ladies of London are dying mysteriously, and Abigail Wilder intends to discover why. Abigail's father, the Lord Sorcier of England, believes that a dark lord of faerie is involved - but while Abigail is willing to match her magic against Lord Longshadow, neither her father nor high society believe that she is capable of doing so.

Thankfully, Abigail is not the only one investigating the terrible events in London. Mercy, a street rat and self-taught magician, insists on joining Abigail to unravel the mystery. But while Mercy's own magic is strange and foreboding, she may well pose an even greater danger to Abigail's heart.

From the author of HALF A SOUL comes a queer faerie tale romance full of love and defiant hope. Pick up LONGSHADOW, and return once more to Olivia Atwater's charming, magical version of Regency England.

What did I think?

Longshadow is the third book in the wonderful Regency Faerie Tales series and I enjoyed it as much as the two previous novels, although this instalment is a little different as there is an LGBTQ+ element that transforms it into a queer faerie tale.

I love how the characters from the previous novels appear in Longshadow and I really did benefit from reading them one after the other as they were still fresh in my mind, although you could definitely read Longshadow (and the other novels) as a standalone.  A 'Dramatis Personae' is included at the start of the book to give a brief and entertaining bio of each character.

A spate of inexplicable deaths has an air of dark magic about them and Abigail, daughter of the Lord Sorcier, is determined to get to the bottom of it.  Her magic may not be enough to fight whatever is hunting young ladies but she joins forces with a mysterious stranger called Mercy and together their magic is a force to be reckoned with.

The magical element of the plot is stunning and the developing relationship between Abigail and Mercy is beautifully written.  Abigail's confusion over her feelings is portrayed sensitively, especially as she is living in an era when being attracted to the same sex would make ladies faint.

Olivia Atwater has stunningly mixed life in Regency England with the faerie realm and the glitz and glamour of society balls sprinkled with magic makes Longshadow hugely entertaining from start to finish.  This is an adult faerie tale for the 21st century and I highly recommend Longshadow and the whole Regency Faerie Tales series.

I received an ARC to read and review for the blog tour; this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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