Monday 29 August 2022

Necropolis (The Necropolis Series Book 1) - Guy Portman

Danger and deceit come naturally to a sociopath.

Public sector worker Dyson Devereux has just discovered there is a large reward on offer for the capture of a genocidal fugitive. Dyson thinks he knows exactly where to find him. All the scheming sociopath needs now is a plan. It has to be good, otherwise he will be in big trouble.

But the obstacles to his mission are mounting. To compound matters, work colleagues are becoming ever more aggravating, and his girlfriend has gone off the rails.

Will Dyson get the reward he feels he so richly deserves, or is his destiny to be a life of toil in the Burials and Cemeteries department at Newton Council?

What did I think?

What a great start to a new series!  It feels wrong to say I loved sociopath Dyson Devereux but I really did love him.  His witty thoughts and observations had me laughing out loud and I often found myself agreeing with him.  Uh-oh!  Am I a sociopath?  No, I'm just not a great fan of people.

Dyson works for the local council in Burials and Cemeteries but behind his professional persona is a dark and dangerous killer.  Cross him and you'll find a part of you in his keepsake tin.  He reminisces about past kills, fantasises about new ones and the only personal pronoun in his dictionary is 'it".

Dyson's thoughts about his work colleagues are absolutely hilarious and one particular colleague has caught his eye.  Could a member of Dyson's team be a missing war criminal?  Dyson has a new target but it's one he must deliver alive in order to collect the huge reward.  

Aside from the escapade with the wanted fugitive, Dyson has a rather surprising personal life.  His girlfriend (I was surprised he had one) is mixed up with some shady characters and there's a pretty graphic drug-fuelled sex scene that some readers of a sensitive disposition may find uncomfortable to read.  

Hilarious, disturbing and completely entertaining, Necropolis is a highly original dark comedy.  It's like Dexter, The Office, American Psycho and The Benny Hill Show all rolled into one and I absolutely loved it.  My only disappointment was coming to the end of the book, and the ending is a little abrupt to ensure that everyone who reads Necropolis will be eager to read the next book, Sepultura

Many thanks to Guy Portman for sending me a digital ARC to read and review.  I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating:

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