Sunday 3 September 2023

BLOG TOUR: The Woman in the Woods - J.A. Baker

I am safe here, in my cottage in the woods where no one knows me or my real name. Here all is peaceful and calm and the real world can’t hurt me – because I know how cruel it can be.

But then I see here again and her pale, white face. Watching me. Taunting me. And then the notes appear.

I know who you really are… I know what you did…

My mind in whirl I don’t know what to do. Now the walls of my cottage feel like a prison. The peaceful woods around me feel like a maze that will trap me forever.

Who is this woman? And what does she want? And can she possibly know what happened during that boiling hot summer of 1976 when I made my terrible mistake. And if so, how?

So many questions paralysing me with fear. One thing I do know.

She must be stopped.

What did I think?

I love J.A. Baker books and her new novel, The Woman in the Woods does not disappoint.  Tense, suspenseful and gripping doesn't even begin to describe this fabulous psychological thriller as the main character must be one of the most unreliable narrators I have ever come across.

The main character is an author who lost her memory after a hit and run, which might be a blessing in disguise as she has a very dark secret in her past.  A secret that somebody knows and rather than simply threatening to reveal the secret, she wants retribution.  The simmering tension and increasing sense of unease feels like a cat playing with a mouse before it goes in for the kill.

As the past is gradually revealed, I felt sick to my stomach at the mindless crime committed.  It does give you food for thought as it's an often debated subject about whether children should be given a second chance after they have committed a crime.  They don't have the experience to understand the consequences of their actions but a crime is a crime.  Everyone deserves a second chance, or do they?

Dark, disturbing and incredibly tense, The Woman in the Woods really got under my skin and at several points really made my skin crawl.  It's another corker of a psychological thriller from J.A. Baker and a recommended read.

I received a digital ARC to read and review for the blog tour; this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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J. A. Baker is a successful psychological thriller writer of numerous books, previously published by Bloodhound. Born and brought up in Middlesbrough, she still lives in the North East, which inspires the settings for her books. Her first title for Boldwood will be published in December 2022.

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