Thursday 28 September 2023

Ronaldo: Donny's Superpower (Ronaldo's Flying Adventures) - Maxine Sylvester

Donny’s mother insists he has a future in flying so when Ronaldo volunteers to tutor him, the pressure is on!

Ronaldo is at his wit’s end. Donny is a dreadful flyer and coaching him is tougher than he imagined. But the top cadet at school doesn’t give up on friends and when he pays a visit to his student’s house, he uncovers he has an incredible hidden talent.

Realising his pal is unhappy and will never be the flying hero his mother wants him to be, Ronaldo comes up with an idea to showcase Donny’s talent to the entire village.

But will the plan convince Donny’s mother and give Donny the future he dreams of?

What did I think?

Although this book is aimed at children who are 40 years younger than me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It's great fun to read and there are some fantastic illustrations throughout that bring the story to life.  I haven't read all of the Ronaldo books so you can pick up any one of them and enjoy them on their own.

Ronaldo is unable to fly after injuring himself so he puts his recovery time to good use by agreeing to tutor another reindeer, Donny.  The only problem is, Donny is a terrible flyer but he is determined to follow in his father's hoofsteps and make his mother proud...even if it means that he is dreadfully unhappy.

Oh poor Donny!  My heart really went out to him as he put his own feelings (and dreams) to one side in order to make his mother happy.  Ronaldo is lucky to be doing something that he loves and he's good at so he just wants the same for his friend; he just needs to find Donny's superpower.

Ronaldo: Donny's Superpower is a fun and entertaining read for adults and children alike, and there's a powerful message in this wonderful book: we all have our own superpower so be true to yourself and do what makes YOU happy.

I received a digital ARC from the author and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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