Monday 1 July 2024

Cat Society - Ray Sadri

Cat Society is a witty and bonkers story of life and politics in Westminster – reimagining the debates, events and headlines of recent years had the world been run by cats. A lot changes. A lot doesn’t.

The country is on the brink of bankruptcy, and backbencher Douglas Schnitty is disappointed with the thousands of homeless cats sleeping by the bins. He gets frustrated with higher powers who only seem to care about their own interests and preserving the country’s finances.

He schmoozes and sabotages his way through the political elite, from assisting the bombastic Hector Perp Pahpousson to disrupting the plans of the Prime Minister. Can his conscience save him, and the slum cats, as events spiral out of control?


The Westminster Cats are here! And if you like cats and politics with a dose of humour, this comic novel is for you. Check out the reviews:

“I’m sure most cat owners have looked over at their sometimes mysterious, scheming-looking furry friend and at some point quietly wondered whether they’re planning on taking over the world. This “claws out” paw-litical drama takes that idea and runs with it. From how the Government spends its British Mews and interacts with journalists at The Meowington Times, to its rocky relationship with the Global Cats Alliance, it’s a hilarious and somewhat realistic insight into what life could look like if our beloved felines did take the reins.”

What did I think?

With the way that people pander to their dogs, I've always said that dogs will be our overlords one day, but maybe it's the cats that are biding their time.  In this hugely entertaining and ingenious novel, Ray Sadri imagines what would happen if the cats were in charge.

You would think it was all highly imaginative fiction but, rather embarrassingly for us Brits, the plot is inspired by some true stories.  Who could ever forget Labour's plans to pledge £300,000 to pay 10,000 new police officers a salary of £30 per annum?  I'm not a great fan of politics but I love the way that Ray Sadri has taken some real events and made them more entertaining by amplifying, or perhaps just highlighting, the absolutely craziness of our politicians.

While the country is overrun with homeless cats, politicians feast on fountains of cream, sleep for 18 hours a day and love their gold d├ęcor as much as Donald Trump.  The backbenchers are crying out for the Prime Minister to take action but she has a lot on her plate with backstabbing and treachery afoot, as well as an underhand plan to topple the PM and take Britain out of the Global Cats Alliance.

Amusing, entertaining and very insightful, Cat Society is a tongue-in-cheek look at politics over the last few years and I'm not sure whether the book or the true story is more bonkers.

Many thanks to the author for sending me a copy to read and review; and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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