Wednesday 22 April 2015

In Their Footsteps - Tess Gerritsen

This is a story of espionage that takes us on a journey around Europe - England, France, Greece and Germany. Jordan and Beryl Tavistock are siblings whose MI6 parents' deaths were a mystery to them until a drunken partygoer spills the beans.  Their father was believed to have shot their mother after discovering she was having an affair, and then killed himself before he was uncovered as a traitor.  Jordan and Beryl don't believe this for a minute so they jet off to Paris to uncover the truth, followed by ex-CIA Richard Wolf who is tasked with keeping an eye on them.

As the siblings get closer to the truth, the real traitor becomes desperate to conceal their identity, desperate enough to kill.  Just when we think all has become clear, the murderer of the Tavistocks is revealed.  I was close but I hadn't guessed who it was.

Obviously, and needlessly I may add, a romance blossoms between Beryl and Richard.  How they find time for such shenanigans whilst someone is trying to kill them is beyond me!

Whilst the espionage story was engaging, I'm afraid that this felt a bit like a Mills and Boon in a thriller cover.

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