Saturday 25 April 2015

Remember to Breathe - Simon Pont

Meet Samuel Grant, he works in advertising in London in the 90's.  He rubs shoulders with the rich and famous but feels like there's no point to his life after his break up with Sarah, but as the new millennium approaches Sam parties like it's 1999.

Sam is, in my opinion, a male Bridget Jones as we relive the last few months of 1999. Indeed Ms Jones gets a mention in the book. Through Sam, we get to experience the inner workings of a man's mind - is it really all tits and arses?

I didn't think I would enjoy this when I first started reading as Sam seemed very materialistic, mentioning the designers of his furniture as if we should be impressed - I'm afraid I'd never even heard of them!  Then, through the style of Simon Pont's writing, I felt I got to know Sam and even began to like him a little bit.  He's struggling after his break up, drinking vast quantities of alcohol and trying to do as little work as possible.  You just know he's going to snap at some point!

There are some really funny moments in the book - my favourites being tube and suede shoe related.  Please do be mindful of the gap and don't climb up any bridge railings in slippy shoes.

This is a book for both men and women.  Sam Grant - men will want to be him and women will want to meet him.

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