Wednesday 15 April 2015

Six Seconds - Rick Mofina

This was an absolute page turner.  I had to force myself to put the book down to go to sleep or I would have been up all night!

The book quickly introduces quite a few characters, but it doesn’t get confusing.  You start to think they will never link together, but they do link perfectly with explosive results.  There’s Samara whose husband and son were murdered in front of her in Iraq and she is out for revenge; Maggie whose husband has returned from Iraq a changed man and has abducted their son; and Daniel, a Canadian Mountie who finds a murdered family whilst off-duty mourning the loss of his wife.

I really felt for Samara as her story began to unfold, and the chapter that describes the murder of her husband and son brought tears to my eyes.  Her anguish and sorrow was felt in every word on the page.  This then links into Maggie’s own anguish as she joins forces with Daniel to find her missing son.

This isn’t a book with lots of twists, as it becomes apparent quite quickly how it is going to play out but it didn’t stop me turning each page with lightning speed to absorb more of the story.  As we all know, the Mountie always gets his man (or woman).

Mistake alert: In Chapter 31, Mehmet Ali Agca, the would-be assassin of Pope John-Paul II in 1982, is renamed as the famous cooker, Aga, a few pages after he is mentioned.

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