Sunday 31 May 2015

Being Someone - Adrian Harvey


Our lives are a tale to be told, but how often do we fear the story in its telling?

James has fallen through life, plotting a course of least resistance, taking each day as it comes and waiting for that indefinable 'something' to turn up, to give his story meaning. His journey lacks one vital element - a fellow traveller.

Then he meets Lainey. Confident. Beautiful. Captivating. And James rewrites himself to win her heart.

Lainey gives James a reason to grow, paints a bright future, promises the happy ending he has sought so keenly. But when we discover we can live the greatest story of all, are we able to share the pages with someone else?

Being Someone is an emotive tale of love, of self-discovery and adventure a story of the eternal search for happiness in another, without ultimately losing ourselves.

What did I think?

It started off a bit odd, with an elephant in India - I thought I had picked up the wrong book, but then the description of the parade was so atmospheric that I could have read a whole book about Indian elephants and been completely content.  Then the author flies us across continents to London and James makes an appearance.  He meets Lainey in a professional capacity and, when they accidentally meet later in a social environment, I really felt that something special had begun.

James and Lainey appear to be a perfect couple, but we all know that life isn't like that.  This is where this book stands out from the crowd; the author is not afraid to take us on a journey through the highs and lows of this relationship.  There is an amazing passage describing the exact moment in time that James realised that he had fallen out of love with Lainey.  It brings new meaning to the phrase "seeing people differently".

An outstanding debut.

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