Friday 22 May 2015

The Truth about Ellen - Sarah Louise Smith

This is the type of story we've all dreamed of - it's a piece of perfect escapism for any girl who's ever dreamed about meeting her idol...and let's face it, we all have.

Ellen was a big Four Ape fan in her youth, so it's a dream come true when she runs into lead singer, Jasper Ryan, when she's 21.  Jasper is staying in a hotel, waiting for a flight to go and visit his dying Father.  Ellen manages to get stuck in a lift with Jasper and he invites her into his penthouse suite...but things don't go quite as you'd expect.  I totally expected Ellen to jump straight into bed with Jasper but instead she listens to him reminiscing about his Dad.  Jasper asks Ellen for her number so they can be friends and perhaps go on a date sometime.  Ellen isn't surprised later when he doesn't call.

Several years later, Ellen has to go on a course for work, so she decides to book into a hotel and make a trip of it.  She can't believe her luck when she finds that she is staying in the same hotel as Four Ape guitarist, Tom Green.  Ellen and Tom hit it off straight away but she doesn't tell him that she is a big Four Ape fan - well, she'll never see Tom again after this weekend, will she?  Wrong!!  Tom completely falls for Ellen and before you know it, he's asking her to move in with him - she can't tell him she was a big Four Ape fan now!

Then disaster strike for Ellen, but the most amazing thing happens for a Four Ape fan - the band decide to reform which brings Ellen face to face with Jasper again.  That's ok, he'll never remember her - he didn't call her, he'll have slept with hundreds of women since then.  Oh but he does remember her...leaving Ellen in a quandary.  Does she stay with kind dependable Tom or take a chance on unreliable heartthrob Jasper?

I really enjoyed this.  Ellen is a likeable character - as someone who managed to spill a fried egg sandwich down her top at work, I immediately felt an affinity for her when she made a mess eating a chocolate egg.  Yeah, you're not really going to find two band members falling for the same fan but Sarah Louise Smith has clearly had fun putting every girl's dream into words, whether you're a Take That fan (I'm not) or have another idol who made your heart race as a teenager (and perhaps still does).

I received this e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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