Wednesday 30 December 2015

Destiny - Louise Bagshawe

Kate Fox was a teenage orphan from the rough side of the Bronx. Now a beautiful woman, Kate wants wealth and security for life. When media mogul Marcus Broder proposes, it seems the dream has come true. But a life of pampered luxury does not make Kate happy. When she walks out and forges a career of her own, a humiliated Marcus is furious. Bitterly jealous, he is determined to destroy her. Wall Street's favourite entrepreneur, David Abrams, has heard the rumours that Kate Fox is a gold digger. But is Kate still the woman she once was? When irresistible passion flares between them, David has to decide if winning Kate is worth the gamble of losing everything he has...including his heart.

What did I think?

After reading and enjoying Sparkles by Louise Bagshawe, I decided to pick up another of her books.  I was quite disappointed with this one - it seemed rather flat and trashy in comparison with the glamour and excitement of Sparkles.

I have remarked before on Louise Bagshawe's descriptive writing whereby she ensures that the reader knows what each character is wearing, both clothing and makeup.  Destiny seemed to go a little bit too far, in my opinion.  I'm all for reading that somebody is wearing a Chanel suit but stating that your main character is wearing Sure Ultra Dry anti-perspirant made me feel like I was being hit with subliminal advertising.

Kate is a likeable character, even though she set out with the purpose of snaring herself a rich husband.  She soon finds out that money can't buy happiness and leaves her husband.  It's not long before she truly falls in love with another rich guy, although will he see past her gold-digger label?

It wasn't a bad little story, although very predictable and far too many mentions of what a fabulous ass some people have.  To the point where I was thinking, oh we haven't read about her amazing ass in this chapter yet...oh there it is.

This isn't one I would recommend, so I'm glad it was loaned rather than bought.  Now I'm off to buy me some Sure Ultra Dry...

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