Monday 28 December 2015

Sparkles - Louise Bagshawe

Crossing decades and continents, SPARKLES is the totally compelling story of the Massot family. Fabulously wealthy, internationally adored, the Massots own one of the last great aristocratic jewellery firms in Paris.

But where is its owner Pierre, missing presumed dead for 15 years? And what will happen to his beautiful young widow Sophie? The answers lie rooted in the past and form part of the future - in a way no-one could ever have guessed...

What did I think?

Having read and enjoyed Beauty earlier this year, my lovely god-sister loaned me a few Louise Bagshawe books.  It was recommended that I start with Sparkles and I can see why - it's completely addictive reading, with more bitching and backstabbing than an episode of Dynasty.

As with Beauty, Louise Bagshawe goes into such descriptive detail, from the designer of the clothes to the cut of the diamond, that a multi-dimensional picture is created in your mind and the characters are almost jumping out of the page in 3D.

I loved and loved to hate all of the characters.  There is Pierre's widow, Sophie, who has to step in to save the business for her son, Tom.  Pierre's haughty mother, Katherine, who bends Tom's ear and convinces him that Sophie is devaluing his inheritance.  Tom, the son, and spoilt playboy who thinks he's a man but can't see when he is being played.  Not forgetting my favourite love to hate character of Judy, one of Pierre's mistresses, who intends to get her hands on the Massot business one way or another.

There is a massive twist in the story and I didn't guess all of it.  In fact it's a twist that, once revealed, keeps twisting.  It reminded me that hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned...but which scorned woman will have her revenge?  You'll just have to read it for yourself to find out!

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