Monday 16 October 2017

BLOG TOUR: The Angel - Katerina Diamond

I'm a little behind in my DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles series, something that I plan to rectify as soon as possible, but I wouldn't have missed The Angel blog tour for the world.  I absolutely loved Katerina Diamond's debut, The Teacher, so I'm keen to get back on track with the series.  Alas, so many books so little time...

For my stop on the blog tour, I have an extract for you today and I'm sure it'll whet your appetite enough to head over to Amazon to pick up a copy for yourself.


When a burned body is found in a disused signal box, suspicion falls on lonely teenager Gabriel Webb. There’s no doubt he was at the scene of the crime, but does he really deserve what awaits him in prison?

DS Imogen Grey is certain there’s more to the case than meets the eye. But while she struggles to convince those around her of the truth, her partner DS Adrian Miles is distracted by his own demons.

When a brutal double murder is reported, their investigation is stopped in its tracks. Is the body in the box even who they thought it was? The duo realise Gabriel might have been locked up for a crime he didn’t commit. But with enemies watching Gabriel’s every move, they may be too late.

Miles and Grey are back in the thrilling new novel from bestselling author Katerina Diamond, perfect for fans of Karin Slaughter and M.J. Arlidge.

EXTRACT from The Angel

‘Where’s Jason?’ Barratt asked.

‘I don’t know.’ Gabriel answered. 

‘You don’t know? When was the last time you saw him?’ Hyde barked at him, just inches away from Gabriel’s face. Gabriel was taller and it felt strange having this smaller man shouting at him. He hated having to ignore it, to take the anger. It went against everything he was. He wasn’t violent, but he was proud. Although he had no reason to be proud anymore.

‘In the cell. Before dinner.’

‘We’re going to need a little more information than that,’ Hyde pushed.

‘When I woke up I went to dinner, he wasn’t there when I left or when I came back.’

‘Is that true?’ Barratt stepped in, clearly playing good cop to Hyde’s aggression.

‘I swear.’

‘Lockdown!’ Hyde shouted, his voice reverberating through the wing. The prisoners groaned and moved back into their cells. From what Gabriel could tell, this seemed like something that happened quite often.

Hyde left the room and Barratt seemed to be waiting until he was out of earshot before he spoke to Gabriel again.

‘If you had nothing to do with this I suggest you keep your nose out of it,’ Barratt whispered.
‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean Jason upset the wrong people and those people are not going to get caught.’
‘Why are you telling me this?’

‘Because you’re new. We see a lot of the same faces in here over and over again. I’ve never seen you before so I guess that means maybe you aren’t such a bad guy. Keep your nose clean and your time in here will go a lot faster.’

‘Keep my nose clean how?’

‘Just don’t get mixed up with the wrong people. Keep yourself to yourself. Use your nous.’  


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