Saturday 7 October 2017

Nameless (The Hellbound Anthology) - David McCaffrey

'There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.’
Ernest Hemingway

One serial killer terrified the world. Imagine what an army of them could do...

A cult member is arrested at the scene of a brutal murder. She will only speak to former crime reporter, Joe O'Connell.

Joe's obsession with Obadiah Stark a.k.a The Tally Man cost him everything. 

He is about to learn that Stark's message did not end with his death.

They believe in what The Tally Man stood for.

They believe in what The Tally Man did.

But he was one, and they are many.

Once they have you, they will never let you go...

What did I think?

I have previously read Hellbound and In Extremis by David McCaffrey, so I didn't hesitate when the opportunity arose for me to read Nameless.  All three books revolve around Obadiah Stark, so I would definitely recommend reading the first two books before embarking on this one.  You could probably read Nameless as a standalone but I think it makes a lot more sense, and is more enjoyable, when read as part of the trilogy.

Crikey!  I thought Obadiah Stark, aka The Tally Man, was creepy but now that he's dead he has been elevated to cult status and there are a group of followers who are ready to continue his work.  The apparent leader of the Branch Obadians, Lamont Etchison, has instructed Stark's followers to replicate the twenty seven murders that Stark committed, but on a much grander scale so that the world fears the name 'Obadiah Stark' once again.  

Joe O'Connell is so obsessed with Obadiah Stark that it nearly cost him his life.  As much as Joe can't help being dragged into investigating this cult, the cult is pulling him into their web and they will stop at nothing to silence Joe once and for all.

I have absolutely loved the whole Hellbound series and each instalment has oodles of shock factor to make you sit up and take notice, but Nameless feels so much more menacing.  It was quite bloodthirsty at times, and necessarily so, but I didn't find it too graphic - just enough to make my stomach clench.  There's a lot of action in such a short book, at only 154 pages, but it's so fast-paced that you could very easily read this in one sitting.

I'm definitely going to re-read the whole Hellbound Anthology.  Parts of Nameless reminded me of the TV show, The Following, and even though you might now know how it ends, it doesn't stop you watching it again.  So I will definitely be reading all of the Hellbound books again sometime, and I wouldn't be surprised if I enjoy them even more the second time around.  

Pick up Hellbound, In Extremis and Nameless if you have the guts to enter the dark and dangerous world of Obadiah Stark.

I chose to read an ARC and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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