Book Review Index by Author

Adams, Jamie - The Fathers, the Sons and the Anxious Ghost
Adams, Michelle - Between the Lies
Adams, Michelle - My Sister
Adams, R. G. - Allegation
Adler, Tim - Hold Still
Alderton, Dolly - Ghosts
Allan, Claire - The Liar's Daughter
Allen, Lesley - The Lonely Life of Biddy Weir
Alliott, Catherine - A Cornish Summer
Alvarado, Anthony - D.I.Y Magic
Amphlett, Rachel - The Friend Who Lied
Bailey, Murray - Singapore Fire
Bailey, Murray - Singapore Killer
Bewick, Simon - You Could Make a Killing
Bird, A.L. - The Good Mother
Bishop, Chris - Blood and Destiny
Bishop, Chris - The Final Reckoning
Bishop, Chris - The Warrior with the Pierced Heart
Bishop, Stephanie - The Other Side of the World
Black, Nicky - The Prodigal
Black, Nicky - The Rave
Blackhurst, Jenny - Before I Let You In
Blackhurst, Jenny - The Foster Child
Blackhurst, Jenny - How I Lost You
Blackhurst, Jenny - The Night She Died
Blake, Fanny - House of Dreams
Blake, Melanie - The Thunder Girls
Blake, Rosie - How to Stuff up Christmas
Blix, Anna - The Christmas Hypothesis
Bolton, Sharon - Little Black Lies
Bond, Cynthia - Ruby
Booker, Simon - Kill Me Twice
Boyce, Lucienne - Bloodie Bones
Boyce, Lucienne - Death Makes No Distinction
Boyd, Hilary - The Anniversary
Braswell, Liz - Once Upon a Dream
Bray, Carys - The Museum of You
Bridgett, Helen - The Heat is On
Bridgett, Helen - The Mercury Travel Club
Briggs, Laura - Boyfriend by the Book
Bristow, Su - Sealskin
Broadribb, Steph - Deep Blue Trouble
French, Dawn - Because of You
Fujimoto, Mari - Ikigai & Other Japanese Words to Live By
Fuller, Claire - Our Endless Numbered Days
Furnivall, Kate - The Betrayal
Furnivall, Kate - Guardian of Lies
Furnivall, Kate - The Liberation
Furnivall, Kate - Shadows on the Nile

Gardner, Lisa - Crash & Burn
Gardner, Lisa - Find Her
Gardner, Richard - Deadly Partnership
Garland, Leslie W.P. - The Red Grouse Tales
Hughes, Carolyn - De Bohun's Destiny
Hughes, Carolyn - Fortune's Wheel
Hughes, Carolyn - A Woman's Lot
Hughes, Kate - Home
Hughes, Kathryn - The Key
Hughes, Kathryn - The Letter
Hume, Albina - Miss Fortune
Hunter, Cara - All the Rage
Hurcom, Sam - A Shadow on the Lens
Mankowski, Guy - Dead Rock Stars
Mankowski, Guy - An Honest Deceit
Mannix, Kathryn - With the End in Mind
March, Petra - A Different Kind of Lovely
March, Petra - A Dream of Lilies
March, Petra - All the Skies I Will Not See
March, Petra - A Veil of Glass and Rain
Marks, Rachel - Saturdays at Noon
Marland, Stephanie - My Little Eye
Marland, Stephanie - You Die Next
Marrs, John - Her Last Move
Marrs, John - The One
Marsh, Katie - A Life Without You
Marsh, Katie - My Everything
Marsh, Katie - This Beautiful Life
Marshall, Laura - Friend Request
Marshall, NC - Seeing Scarlett
Marshall, NC - See You Soon
Marshall, NC - Sleep Peacefully
Marsons, Angela - Lost Girls
Marsons, Angela - Play Dead
Martin, Holly - Christmas at Lilac Cottage
Martin, Holly - Fairytale Beginnings
Martin, Holly - Snowflakes on Silver Cove
Marwood, Alex - The Darkest Secret
Mascarenhas, Kate - The Psychology of Time Travel
Masterman, Becky - A Twist of the Knife
Masterton, Graham - The Coven
Masterton, Graham - Scarlet Widow
Matthews, John - The Secret Lore of London
Maunz, Daniel - Questions of Perspective
Murray, Stacey - The Curious Case of Maggie Macbeth
Myers, Benjamin - Under the Rock

Napolitano, Ann - Dear Edward
Naughton, Sarah J. - The Mothers
Naughton, Sarah J. - Tattletale
Navin, Rhiannon - Only Child
Naylor, Clare & Hare, Mimi - The First Assistant
Newcome, Robert - The Name Beneath the Stone
Newman, Stella - The Dish
Ng, Celeste - Little Fires Everywhere
Nicholl, John - Bully Boy Blue
Nicholl, John - A Cold Cold Heart
Nicholl, John - The Girl in White
Nicholl, John - A Mind to Kill
Nicholls, David - Us
Nolan, Dominic - Past Life
Noonan, Columbkill - Barnabas Tew and The Case Of The Missing Scarab
Noonan, Columbkill - Barnabas Tew and The Case of The Nine Worlds
North, Alex - The Whisper Man
Norton, Elizabeth - The Lives of Tudor Women
Nugent, Liz - Lying in Wait

O'Brien, Anne - The Queen's Choice
Pinborough, Sarah - Dead to Her
Pinborough, Sarah - Poison


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