Book Review Index by Author

Adams, Jamie - The Fathers, the Sons and the Anxious Ghost
Adams, Michelle - Between the Lies
Adams, Michelle - My Sister
Adler, Tim - Hold Still
Agnew, Katie - The Inheritance
Ahern, Cecilia - How to Fall in Love
Ahnhem, Stefan - Victim Without a Face
Allan, Claire - The Liar's Daughter
Allen, Lesley - The Lonely Life of Biddy Weir
Alliott, Catherine - A Cornish Summer
Alvarado, Anthony - D.I.Y Magic
Amphlett, Rachel - The Friend Who Lied
Arden, Katherine - The Bear and the Nightingale
Arnopp, Jason - Ghoster
Arsdale, Peternelle van - The Beast is an Animal
Ashdown, Isabel - Lake Child
Ashdown, Isabel - Little Sister
Atkins, Dani - A Million Dreams
Atkins, Lucy - The Other Child
Atkinson, Kate - Behind the Scenes at the Museum
Austen, Jane - Northanger Abbey
Avanzino, Amy - From the Sideline

Backman, Fredrik - A Man Called Ove
Backman, Fredrik, My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises
Bagshawe, Louise - Career Girls
Bagshawe, Louise - Destiny
Bagshawe, Louise - Sparkles
Bailey, Sara - Dark Water
Baker, J.A. - Finding Eva
Baker, J.A. - Her Dark Retreat
Baker, J.A. - Undercurrent
Baker, J.A. - The Uninvited
Baker, Mary Jayne - The Honey Trap
Baldacci, David - The Target
Bale, Tom - See How They Run
Ball, Ruth - Rebellious Spirits
Banister, Tracie - Mixing It Up
Barclay, Linwood - Broken Promise
Barclay, Linwood - Never Look Away
Barker, J.D. - The Fourth Monkey
Barker, David - Blue Gold
Barker, David - Rose Gold
Barrows, Annie - The Truth According to Us
Barton, Fiona - The Child
Barton, Fiona - The Widow
Barton, W.S. - Coal House
Beech, Louise - Maria in the Moon
Beech, Louise - The Mountain in My Shoe
Beevis, Keri - Dying to Tell
Berriman, Amanda - Home
Bird, A.L. - The Good Mother
Bishop, Chris - Blood and Destiny
Bishop, Chris - The Final Reckoning
Bishop, Chris - The Warrior with the Pierced Heart
Bishop, Stephanie - The Other Side of the World
Black, Nicky - The Prodigal
Black, Nicky - The Rave
Blackhurst, Jenny - Before I Let You In
Blackhurst, Jenny - The Foster Child
Blackhurst, Jenny - How I Lost You
Blackhurst, Jenny - The Night She Died
Blake, Fanny - House of Dreams
Blake, Rosie - How to Stuff up Christmas
Blix, Anna - The Christmas Hypothesis
Bolton, Sharon - Little Black Lies
Bond, Cynthia - Ruby
Booker, Simon - Kill Me Twice
Boyce, Lucienne - Bloodie Bones
Boyce, Lucienne - Death Makes No Distinction
Boyd, Hilary - The Anniversary
Braswell, Liz - Once Upon a Dream
Bray, Carys - The Museum of You
Bridgett, Helen - The Heat is On
Bridgett, Helen - The Mercury Travel Club
Briggs, Laura - Boyfriend by the Book
Bristow, Su - Sealskin
Broadribb, Steph - Deep Blue Trouble
Broadribb, Steph - Deep Dirty Truth
Broadribb, Steph - Deep Down Dead
Brontë, Anne - The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Brownless, Mark - The Shadow Man
Bryndza, Robert - The Girl in the Ice
Buchanan, Tracy - My Sister's Secret
Bugler, Sheila - I Could Be You
Buhrman, Sarah - When Life Happens, Don't Blink
Buist, Anne - This I Would Kill For
Bullock, Tanya - Homecoming
Bullock, Tanya - The Lonely Hearts Crime Club
Burley, John - The Hiding Place
Burns, Catherine - The Visitors
Burrows, Nathan - The Butcher
Burt, Alexandra - Little Girl Gone
Bushnell, Candace - Killing Monica
Butland, Stephanie - Lost for Words
Button, Jenson - Life to the Limit

Cain, James M - Double Indemnity
Cain, James M - The Postman Always Rings Twice
Callaghan, Helen - Dear Amy
Candlish, Louise - Our House
Carnahan, Christopher - The Mice of Holy Redeemer Hill
Carpenter, Elisabeth - 11 Missed Calls
Carpenter, Elisabeth - 99 Red Balloons
Carrington, Sam - I Dare You
Carrington, Sam - Saving Sophie
Carroll, Lewis - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through The Looking-Glass
Carson, Clare - Orkney Twilight
Carter, Chris - I Am Death
Carter, DN - Outremer I
Carver, CJ - Cold Echo
Carver, CJ - Over Your Shoulder
Carver, Will - Nothing Important Happened Today
Cassidy, Carla - Tough Justice: Exposed
Chandler, Diane - Moondance
Chirovici, E.O. - The Book of Mirrors
Clark, E.A. - Lay Me To Rest
Clark, Mary Higgins - Manhattan Mayhem
Clarke, Angela - Follow Me
Clarke, Hazel -Nightmare Scenario
Clarke, Lucy - The Blue
Claver, Tom - Scoop of the Year
Clayfield, Christine - No Fourth River
Clements, Katherine - The Silvered Heart
Cleveland, Karen - Need to Know
Clifford, Nicky - Never Again
Cock-Starkey, Claire - The Book Lovers' Miscellany
Cock-Starkey, Claire - A Library Miscellany
Cock-Starkey, Claire - The Real McCoy
Coelho, Paula - The Alchemist
Cohen, Ariella - Sweet Breath of Memory
Cohen, Julie - Together
Cohen, Tammy - First One Missing
Cohen, Tammy - They All Fall Down
Cole, Daniel - Endgame
Cole, Daniel - Hangman
Cole, Daniel - Ragdoll
Coleman. Lucy - The French Adventure
Collins, Jackie - Poor Little Bitch Girl
Collins, Val - Girl Targeted
Compton, Lisa - Seven Seconds
Connelly, Michael - Angels Flight
Connelly, Michael - Dark Sacred Night
Corcoran, Caroline - Through the Wall
Corrigan, J.A. - Falling Suns
Corry, Jane - My Husband's Wife
Cortellucci, Davide - The Red Book
Cotterell, T.A. - What Alice Knew
Cowley, Liz & O'Brien, Donough - Serial Damage
Crane, Pamela - Pretty Ugly Lies
Crawford, Karen - Underbelly
Croft, Elle - The Guilty Wife
Croft, Kathryn - The Girl With No Past
Croft, Kathryn - The Girl You Lost
Cullen, Helen - The Lost Letters of William Woolf
Cunningham, S.C. - The Deal
Curlew, F. J. - Dan Knew
Curran, Chris - All the Little Lies
Curran, Chris - Her Deadly Secret
Curran, Chris - Her Turn to Cry
Curtis, Emma - The Night You Left

Da Costa, Sara Mendes - Peanuts & Eggcups
Dalcher, Christina - Vox
Daly, Paula - Clear My Name
Daly, Paula - Just What Kind of Mother Are You?
Daly, Paula - Keep Your Friends Close
Daly, Paula - Open Your Eyes
Daly, Paula - The Mistake I Made
Davis, Richard - False Prophet
Davis, Richard - Never Forget
Davis, Richard - Riot
Daws, Robert - The Poisoned Rock
Dawson, Lucy - You Sent Me a Letter
Day, Russell - Needle Song
Day, Shelley - The Confession of Stella Moon
Deaver, Jeffery - Praying for Sleep
Deaver, Jeffery - The Skin Collector
Delaney, JP - The Girl Before
De Luca, Steven - Bound in Scales
De Waal, Kit - My Name is Leon
Diamond, Katerina - The Promise
Diamond, Katerina - The Teacher
Diamond, Katerina - Truth or Die
Dillon, Lucy - Unexpected Lessons in Love
Dinsdale, Robert - The Toymakers
DiPirro, Dani - Forgiveness: Effortless Inspiration for a Happier Life
Dolan, Poppy - The Woolly Hat Knitting Club
Dorries, Nadine - The Angels of Lovely Lane
Dorries, Nadine - Ruby Flynn
Douglas, Claire - Local Girl Missing
Douglas, Claire - Then She Vanishes
Dove, Rachel - The Chic Boutique on Baker Street
Doyle, Hannah - The Year of Saying Yes Part 1
Doyle, Roddy - Roy Keane The Second Half
Draper, Sophie - Cuckoo
Drysdale, Pip - The Sunday Girl
Duchovny, David - Holy Cow
Duffy, Sophie - The Generation Game
Dugdall, Ruth - The Sacrificial Man
Dugdall, Ruth - The Woman Before Me
Dudgeon, Peter - Chance
Dudgeon, Peter - Circle: The Diary of Stella Moore
Dunmore, Helen - The Lie
Dunn, Jane - Sweet Treats Volume 1: Jane's Patisserie
Dunn, Susannah - The Queen's Sorrow
Durrant, Sabine - Lie With Me

Eames, Jessica - Bad Seed
Ellen, Cassi - Story of a Secret Heart
Ellwood, Nuala - My Sister's Bones
Elsberg, Marc - Blackout
Emery, Hannah - The Secrets of Castle du Rêve
Engel, Amy - The Roanoke Girls
England, Caroline - My Husband's Lies
Ensor, Jennie - Blind Side
Ensor, Jennie - The Girl in his Eyes
Ensor, Jennie - Not Having It All
Esposito, Chloé - Bad
Extence, Gavin - The Empathy Problem
Extence, Gavin - The Mirror World of Melody Black

Fairfax, Jessica & Walker, Carol - Big Twists Little Tales
Fallon, Jane - Faking Friends
Farrant, Simon - Too Early for Death
Febry, Diana J - Point of No Return
Fermont, Hélene - Because of You
Fermont, Hélene - His Guilty Secret
Fermont, Hélene - We Never Said Goodbye
Fielding, Annabel - A Pearl for My Mistress
Figueroa, Latashia - Ivy's Envy
Finn, A.J. - The Woman in the Window
Fischer, Martha - Death on the Ocean
Fisher, Clare - All the Good Things
Fisher, Kerry - After the Lie
Fisher, Kerry - The Island Escape
Fisher, Kerry - The Mother I Could Have Been
Fitzgerald, F Scott - The Great Gatsby
Fitzgerald, Helen - The Cry
Fleming, Leah - The Captain's Daughter
Fogle, Ben - English
Foley, Lucy - The Book of Lost and Found
Foley, Lucy - The Guest List
Ford, SarahJane - I Give You My Heart
Fortin, Sue - The Dead Wife
Fortin, Sue - The Girl Who Lied
Fortin, Sue - Sister, Sister
Foster, Michael K - Chameleon
Foster, Michael K - Satan's Beckoning
Foster, Michael K - The Wharf Butcher
Foster, Simon - Wanderlust
Fox, Ilana - The Glittering Art of Falling Apart
Fox, LK - Little Boy Found
Fox, Phoebe - Heart Conditions
Fox, Phoebe - Out of Practice
Fraser, Hugh - Harm
Fraser, Hugh - Threat
Fraser-Sampson, Guy - Death in Profile
Fraser-Sampson, Guy - Miss Christie Regrets
Frear, Caz - Sweet Little Lies
Freeman, Kathryn - Before You
Freeman, Kathryn - A Little Christmas Faith
Freeman, Kathryn - Oh Crumbs
Freeman, Kathryn - Reach for a Star
Freeman, Kathryn - Too Damn Nice
Fremantle, Elizabeth - Watch The Lady
Fujimoto, Mari - Ikigai & Other Japanese Words to Live By
Fuller, Claire - Our Endless Numbered Days
Furnivall, Kate - The Betrayal
Furnivall, Kate - Guardian of Lies
Furnivall, Kate - The Liberation
Furnivall, Kate - Shadows on the Nile

Gardner, Lisa - Crash & Burn
Gardner, Lisa - Find Her
Gardner, Richard - Deadly Partnership
Garland, Leslie W.P. - The Red Grouse Tales
Gaylin, A.L. - If I Die Tonight
Gerritsen, Tess - In Their Footsteps
Gill, Jean - Bladesong
Gill, Jean - Nici's Christmas Tale
Gill, Jean - No Bed of Roses
Gill, Jean - Plaint for Provence
Gill, Jean - Song at Dawn
Gill, Jean - Song Hereafter
Gittins, Chrissie - Between Here and Knitwear
Goddard, Janet - Simply Modern Patchwork Bags
Goldberg, Lee Matthew - The Desire Card
Golding, Melanie - Little Darlings
Goodwin, Anne - Sugar and Snails
Goodwin, Anne - Underneath
Grand, Mary - Free to Be Tegan
Grant, Helen - Ghost
Graye, Sarah Marie - The Second Cup
Green, Erin - The Single Girl's Calendar
Green, Giselle - Dear Dad
Grenville-Cleave, Bridget & Boniwell, Ilona - Live Happy
Grigg, Julia - The Eyes That Look
Grima, Jacqueline - Only in Whispers
Griffin, Anne - When All is Said
Griffin, David John - The Unusual Possession of Alastair Stubb
Grisham, John - Gray Mountain
Grisham, John - The Whistler (sampler)
Growick, Phil - The Art of Sherlock Holmes
Gudenkauf, Heather - Missing Pieces

Haig, Matt - A Boy called Christmas
Haig, Matt - The Girl Who Saved Christmas
Halker, Tony - The Learn
Hall, Lisa - Between You and Me
Hall, Lisa - The Party
Halls, Stacey - The Familiars
Halls, Stacey - The Foundling
Hallowell, Michael J. - The House That Jack Built
Hamilton, Karen - The Perfect Girlfriend
Hannah, James - The A to Z of You and Me
Hannah, Sophie - A Game For All The Family
Hannigan, Emma - The Gift of Friends
Hardie, Mark - Burned and Broken
Harper, Jane - The Dry
Harper, Jane - Force of Nature
Harrington, Carmel - Cold Feet: The Lost Years
Harris, Joanne - The Strawberry Thief
Harrison, Melissa - Autumn
Harrison, Melissa - Spring
Harrison, Melissa - Summer
Harrison, Melissa - Winter
Harrison, Noelle - A Small Part Of Me
Harrison, Paul - Revenge of the Malakim
Harrow, Alix E. - The Ten Thousand Doors of January
Hart- Davis, Adam - Fibonacci's Rabbits
Hart-Davis, Adam - Pavlov's Dog
Harvey, Adrian - Being Someone
Harvey, John - In A True Light
Hawcock, David - The Walking Dead Pop Up Book
Hawdon, Lindsay - Jakob's Colours
Hawkins, Paula - The Girl on the Train
Hay, LV - The Other Twin
Hayes, Antonia - Relativity
Hayes, Samantha - You Belong To Me
Hazel, James - The Mayfly
Hendry, Amelia - What Nobody Knew
Henley, Darren - The Ultimate Classic FM Hall of Fame
Henry, Christina - Alice
Henry, Veronica - A Family Recipe
Henry, Veronica - The Forever House
Henry, Veronica - High Tide
Hepburn, Holly - Valentine's Day at the Star and Sixpence
Hilary, Sarah - Come and Find Me
Hilary, Sarah - Never Be Broken
Hill, Heather - The Advice Bucket
Hill, Joe - The Fireman
Hillier, Michael - The Secret of The Cathars
Hislop, Victoria - The Island
Hislop, Victoria - The Sunrise
Hodge, Sibel - Beneath the Surface
Hoffman, Jilliane - All the Little Pieces
Hogan, Faith - The Girl I Used to Know
Hogan, Faith - My Husband's Wives
Hogan, Faith - The Place We Call Home
Hogan, Faith - Secrets We Keep
Hogan, Faith - What Happened to Us?
Hogan, Geraldine - Why She Ran
Hogan, Katy - Out of the Darkness
Holden-Edmonds, Hattie - The Spectacular Vision of Oskar Dunkelblick
Holland, Eva - The Daughter's Secret
Holland, Jane - The Hive
Holliday, SJI - Violet
Hollingdrake, Malcolm - Only The Dead
Hollingdrake, Malcolm - Treble Clef
Holloway, G.K. - 1066: What Fates Impose
Holmes, Ellie - The Flower Seller
Holten, Noelle - Dead Inside
Honeyman, Gail - Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
Horn, Sheri Leigh - Jeopardy Surface
Huber, Linda - Death Wish
Hudson, Mark - An Angry Orange Sky
Hudson, Mark - A Deep Purple Hue
Hudson, Mark - A Hint of Silver
Hughes, Carolyn - De Bohun's Destiny
Hughes, Carolyn - Fortune's Wheel
Hughes, Carolyn - A Woman's Lot
Hughes, Kate - Home
Hughes, Kathryn - The Key
Hughes, Kathryn - The Letter
Hume, Albina - Miss Fortune
Hunter, Cara - All the Rage
Hurcom, Sam - A Shadow on the Lens
Hutchison, Dot - The Butterfly Garden

Iturbe, Antonio - The Librarian of Auchwitz

Jackson, John - Heart of Stone
Jackson-Smart, WD - The Demons Beneath
Jackson-Smart, WD - From Inside The House
Jahn, Ryan David - Dark Hours
James, Amanda - Another Mother
James, Amanda - Behind the Lie
James, Amanda - The Cornish Retribution
James, Amanda - Rip Current
James, Amanda - Summer in Tintagel
James, Caroline - Jungle Rock
James, Chris - Alchemy: a story of perfect murder
James, Chris - Alchemy: turning silver to gold
James, Daisy - Christmas Secrets at Villa Limoncello
James, Daisy - Confetti & Confusion
James, Daisy - Sunshine and Secrets
James, Linh Le - #Toots
James, Maggie - After She's Gone
James, Maggie - Deception Wears Many Faces
James, Maggie - His Kidnapper's Shoes
James, Maggie - Silent Winter
James, Peter - Absolute Proof
James, Peter - Dead Simple
James, Peter - Looking Good Dead
Jefferies, Dinah - Before the Rains
Jefferies, Dinah - The Tea Planter's Wife
Jennings, Amanda - The Cliff House
Jensen, Louise - The Family
Jensen, Louise - The Gift
Jensen, Louise - The Sister
Johnson, Debbie - The Birthday That Changed Everything
Johnson, Debbie - Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe
Johnson, Debbie - Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Jumper
Johnson, Debbie - Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe
Johnson, Millie - My One True North
Johnstone, Doug - A Dark Matter
Jonas-Hill, Sophie - Unprotected
Jónasson, Ragnar - Blackout
Jónasson, Ragnar - Nightblind
Jónasson, Ragnar - Rupture
Jónasson, Ragnar - Snowblind
Jónasson, Ragnar - Whiteout
Jones, Andy - Girl 99
Jones, Andy - The Trouble With Henry and Zoe
Jones, Andy - The Two Of Us
Jones, Christina & Risdon, Jane - Only One Woman
Jones, Janet - The Happiness Millionaire
Jones, Lucy - Foxes Unearthed
Jones, Paul Anthony - The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities
Jordan, Eva - 183 Times a Year
Jordan, Eva - All The Colours In Between
Jordan, Eva - Time Will Tell
Jordan, Jack - Anything For Her
Jordan, Jack - Before Her Eyes
Jordan, Jack - My Girl
Jordan, Jack - Night by Night
Jordan, Jack - A Woman Scorned
Jordan, Toni - Addition

Kara, Lesley - The Rumour
Kay, Sanjida - Bone by Bone
Kay, Sanjida - One Year Later
Keane, Mary Beth - Ask Again, Yes
Kelly, Cathy - Between Sisters
Kelly, Cathy - Secrets of a Happy Marriage
Kelly, Cathy - The Year That Changed Everything
Kelly, Erin - He Said/She Said
Kelman, Suzanne - The Rejected Writers' Book Club
Kemp, Laura - The Late Blossoming of Frankie Green
Kent, Christobel - The Loving Husband
Khorsandi, Shappi - Nina is not OK
King, Claire - Everything Love Is
Kirk, JD - A Litter of Bones
Kirk, Shannon - The Method
Kist, Heleen - Stay Mad, Sweetheart
Kitchen, Brian - Divided Empire
Kot, Danuta - Life Ruins
Knight, Renée - Disclaimer
Knoll, Jessica - Luckiest Girl Alive
Krimmer, Tracey - Dating for Decades
Kubica, Mary - Don't You Cry
Kurson, Robert - Pirate Hunters

Lafaye, Vanessa - At First Light
Lafaye, Vanessa - Summertime
Laidlaw, Charlie - The Space Between Time
Laidlaw, Charlie - The Things We Learn When We're Dead
Land, Ali - Good Me Bad Me
Lander, Lex - I Kill
Lane, Lizzie - War Orphans
Larsson, Bjørn - Storytellers
Law, J.S. - Tenacity
Lawler, Liz - Don't Wake Up
Lawless, Erin - Somewhere Only We Know
Lawrenson, Deborah - 300 Days of Sun
Lebbon, Tim J - The Hunt
Le Drew, Ronnie - Zippy and Me
Lee, Louise - The Last Honeytrap
Lee, M. Jonathan - Broken Branches
Lelic, Simon - The House
Lenahan, John A - Ice Lake
Lester, Alison Jean - Lillian On Life
Lester, Jem - Shtum
Levez, Olivia - The Circus
Levez, Olivia - The Island
Lewis, Hilda - Harlot Queen
Lewis, Luana - Forget Me Not
Lewis, Susan - One Minute Later
Li, Winnie M - Dark Chapter
Lihoreau, Tim - The Classic FM Musical Treasury
Lilleyman, Dean - Billy and the Devil
Lince, T.F. - Funicular
Lince, T.F. - Room 119: The Whitby Trader
Locke, Attica - Bluebird, Bluebird
Lockhart, E - Genuine Fraud
Lofthouse, Jacqui - Bluethroat Morning
Logan, T. M. - 29 Seconds
Logan, T. M. - The Holiday
Logan, T. M. - Lies
Long, Karen - The Cold Room
Lotz, Sarah - Day Four
Lotz, Sarah - The Three
Loveley, K.L. - Love, Secrets and Absolution
Lynch, Amy - Bride Without a Groom
Lynch, Amy - Does My Bump Look Big In This?
Lynes, S.E. - Valentina

Macgregor, Virginia - The Astonishing Return of Norah Wells
Macgregor, Virginia - What Milo Saw
Mackintosh, Clare - I Let You Go
MacManus, James - Endless Love
Major, Cesca - The Last Night
Malik, Rachel - Miss Boston and Miss Hargreaves
Malone, Michael J - House of Spines
Malone, Michael J - In the Absence of Miracles
Malone, Michael J - A Suitable Lie
Mankowski, Guy - An Honest Deceit
Mannix, Kathryn - With the End in Mind
March, Petra - A Different Kind of Lovely
March, Petra - A Dream of Lilies
March, Petra - All the Skies I Will Not See
March, Petra - A Veil of Glass and Rain
Marks, Rachel - Saturdays at Noon
Marland, Stephanie - My Little Eye
Marland, Stephanie - You Die Next
Marrs, John - Her Last Move
Marrs, John - The One
Marsh, Katie - A Life Without You
Marsh, Katie - My Everything
Marsh, Katie - This Beautiful Life
Marshall, Laura - Friend Request
Marshall, NC - Seeing Scarlett
Marshall, NC - See You Soon
Marshall, NC - Sleep Peacefully
Marsons, Angela - Lost Girls
Marsons, Angela - Play Dead
Martin, Holly - Christmas at Lilac Cottage
Martin, Holly - Fairytale Beginnings
Martin, Holly - Snowflakes on Silver Cove
Marwood, Alex - The Darkest Secret
Mascarenhas, Kate - The Psychology of Time Travel
Masterman, Becky - A Twist of the Knife
Masterton, Graham - The Coven
Masterton, Graham - Scarlet Widow
Matthews, John - The Secret Lore of London
May, Isabella - The Cocktail Bar
May, Katie - The Whitstable High Tide Swimming Club: Diving In
May, Nicola - Christmas Evie
Mayes, Mark - The Gift Maker
Mazzola, Anna - The Story Keeper
Mazzola, Anna - The Unseeing
McAllister, Gillian - Anything You Do Say
McAllister, Gillian - Everything but the Truth
McAllister, Gillian - The Evidence Against You
McAllister, Gillian - No Further Questions
McBeth, Colette - Call Me A Liar
McBeth, Colette - The Life I Left Behind
McCaffrey, David - Hellbound: The Tally Man
McCaffrey, David - In Extremis: A Hellbound Novella
McCaffrey, David - Nameless (The Hellbound Anthology)
McCarthy, Morgan - House of Birds
McDonald, Chris - A Wash of Black
McEvoy, Carina - To Have, Not Hold!
McKenzie, Sophie - All My Secrets
McLaren, Bruce - Turbulence
McLysaght, Emer & Breen,Sarah - Oh My God What A Complete Aisling
McLysaght, Emer & Breen,Sarah - The Importance of Being Aisling
Mejia, Mindy - Everything You Want Me To Be
Meloy, Maile - Do Not Become Alarmed
Melvin, Karina - Artful Eating
Mensch, Louise - Beauty
Messik, Marilyn - Even Stranger
Messik, Marilyn - Relatively Strange
Messik, Marilyn - Witch Dust
Michael, Simon - The Brief
Michael, Simon - Corrupted
Michael, Simon - An Honest Man
Michael, Simon - The Lighterman
Michael, Simon - The Waxwork Corpse
Michaels, Kate - The Morning After Memoirs
Michaud, Michael Paul - The Introvert
Michaud, Michael Paul - The Introvert Confounds Innocence
Miller, Jennie & Lambert, Victoria - Boundaries
Mills, Lilac - Elephant and Pinky Moon
Mills, Lilac - Under the Cherry Tree
Mills, Mark - Waiting for Doggo
Miner, Ron - Sketches of a Black Cat
Minett, G.J. - Lie In Wait
Minier, Bernard - A Song for Drowned Souls
Mitchell, Caroline - The Silent Twin
Mitchell, Caroline - Time to Die
Mitchell, Hayley - Because I Was Lonely
Mofina, Rick - Six Seconds
Mooney, Dan - The Great Unexpected
Moore, Elizabeth S - The Man on the Middle Floor
Moore, H.B. - Finding Sheba
Moore, Thorne - Shadows
Moore, Thorne - The Unravelling
Moran, Eleanor - A Daughter's Secret
Moran, Eleanor - The Last Time I Saw You
Morgan, Ann - Beside Myself
Morgan, Phoebe - The Doll House
Moriarty, Liane - The Last Anniversary
Moriarty, Nicola - The EX-Girlfriend
Morris, Heather - The Tattooist of Auschwitz
Morton, B.A. - Bedlam
Morton Potts, Jenny - Hiding
Morton Potts, Jenny - Just
Muddiman, Rebecca - No Place Like Home
Murray, John - Code Name: Papa
Murray, Kevin - Blood of the Rose
Murray, Pamela - Bloodline
Myers, Benjamin - Under the Rock

Napolitano, Ann - Dear Edward
Naughton, Sarah J. - The Mothers
Naughton, Sarah J. - Tattletale
Navin, Rhiannon - Only Child
Naylor, Clare & Hare, Mimi - The First Assistant
Newcome, Robert - The Name Beneath the Stone
Newman, Stella - The Dish
Ng, Celeste - Little Fires Everywhere
Nicholl, John - Bully Boy Blue
Nicholl, John - A Cold Cold Heart
Nicholl, John - The Girl in White
Nicholl, John - A Mind to Kill
Nicholls, David - Us
Nolan, Dominic - Past Life
Noonan, Columbkill - Barnabas Tew and The Case Of The Missing Scarab
Noonan, Columbkill - Barnabas Tew and The Case of The Nine Worlds
North, Alex - The Whisper Man
Norton, Elizabeth - The Lives of Tudor Women
Nugent, Liz - Lying in Wait

O'Brien, Anne - The Queen's Choice
O'Connor - Deborah - The Dangerous Kind
O'Connor, Deborah - My Husband's Son
O'Connor, Jane - Needlemouse
O'Donnell, Jack - Lily Poole
Oakley, Colleen - Close Enough to Touch

Page, Libby - The 24 Hour Cafe
Paris, B A - Behind Closed Doors
Paris, B A - The Breakdown
Paris, B A - Bring Me Back
Parkin, Cassandra - The Slaughter Man
Parkin, Cassandra - Underwater Breathing
Parkin, Cassandra - The Winter's Child
Parks, Adele - I Invited Her In
Parry, H.G. - The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep
Pate, Bekki - The Willow Tree
Patrick, Ian - Rubicon
Patrick, Phaedra - The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepperk
Patterson, James & De Jonge, Peter - The Beach House
Pattni, Heena - Coping with the Horroffice: How to tame your working day
Paul, Cecilia - Elizabeth Just 16
Paul, Gill - Another Woman's Husband
Payton, Brian - All This Will Be Lost
Pepper, Mark - Veteran Avenue
Perkins, Claire H - The Dear God Letters
Perkins, Claire H - Life Purpose: How To Find Your Reason For Living
Perks, Heidi - Beneath the Surface
Perks, Heidi - Now You See Her
Perry, Anne - A New York Christmas
Perry, Tasmina - Friend of the Family
Philpott, Derek & Dave - Dear Mr Popstar
Pincock, Stephen & Frary, Mark - The Story of Codes
Picoult, Jodi - Leaving Time
Picoult, Jodi - Plain Truth
Pinborough, Sarah - 13 Minutes
Pinborough, Sarah - Behind Her Eyes
Pinborough, Sarah - Beauty
Pinborough, Sarah - Charm
Pinborough, Sarah - Cross Her Heart
Pinborough, Sarah - Poison
Pont, Simon - Remember to Breathe
Prowse, Amanda - Another Love
Prowse, Amanda - The Art of Hiding
Prowse, Amanda - The Food of Love
Prowse, Amanda - The Idea of You
Pye-Smith, Charlie - Land of Plenty

Raabe, Melanie - The Trap
Raafat, Christine - The Will to Succeed
Raisin, Rebecca - The Little Bookshop on the Seine
Rance, Jon - Dan and Nat Got Married
Rance, Jon - The Summer Holidays Survival Guide
Reavley, Betsy - The Optician's Wife
Reavley, Betsy - Pressure
Renwick, Douglas - Traumata
Reynolds, Aaron - Effin' Birds
Reynolds, Amanda - The Hidden Wife
Rhoades, Joy - The Woolgrower's Companion
Rice, Eva - The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets
Richards, K.A. - From the Dark
Richardson, K.A. - Under the Woods
Richardson, K.A. - With Deadly Intent
Richardon, Tarn - The Damned
Riches, Marnie - The Girl Who Broke the Rules
Riches, Marnie - The Girl Who Walked in the Shadows
Riches, Marnie - The Girl Who Wouldn't Die
Richey, Rachael - Breaking All the Rules
Richey, Rachael - Cobwebs in the Dark
Richey, Rachael - The Girl in the Painting
Richey, Rachael - Practising for Christmas
Richey, Rachael - Rhythm of Deceit
Richey, Rachael - Storm Rising
Rigby, Alexander - What Happened to Marilyn
Rijks, Miranda - Fatal Fortune
Rijks, Miranda - I Want You Gone
Riley, Mary-Jane - The Bad Things
Roberts, Caroline - The Cosy Teashop in the Castle
Robertson, S.D. - Time to Say Goodbye
Robson, Amanda - Guilt
Ronan, Vanessa - The Last Days of Summer
Rose, Karen - Don't Tell
Ross, Ian - Battle for Rome
Ross, LJ - Angel
Ross, LJ - Cragside
Ross, LJ - Dark Skies
Ross, LJ - Heavenfield
Ross, LJ - The Hermitage
Ross, LJ - High Force
Ross, LJ - Holy Island
Ross, LJ - Seven Bridges
Ross, LJ - Sycamore Gap
Rowley, Emma - Where the Missing Go
Russell, Leigh - The Adulterer's Wife
Ruth, Jan - Away for Christmas
Ryan Howard, Catherine - Distress Signals
Ryan, W.C. - House of Ghosts
Ryzhakov, Grigory - Mr Right and Mr Wrong

Saint, Amanda - As If I Were A River
Sams, Lauren - She's Having Her Baby
Sanford, Michael J - House of Sand
Sarginson, Saskia - The Other Me
Scaffardi, Steven - The Drought
Scaffardi, Steven - The Flood
Scott, Nikola - My Mother's Shadow
Scozzari, Frank - From Afar
Scozzari, Frank - The Wind Guardian
Scully, Claire - The Aviary (colouring book)
Seabrook, Chantel - Cara's Twelve
Seddon, Holly - Don't Close Your Eyes
Seddon, Holly - Try Not to Breathe
Seeber, Claire - 24 Hours
Seeber, Claire - The Stepmother
Seskis, Tina - The Honeymoon
Seward, Desmond - Renishaw Hall: The Story of the Sitwells
Seymour, Eve - Vixenhead
Shaw, Dale - F**k This Journal
Simmons, John - Leaves
Simmons, John - Spanish Crossings
Skala, Katri - A Perfect Mother
Slaughter, Karin - The Last Widow
Small, Melvyn - The Darlington Substitution
Small, Melvyn - Holmes Volume 1
Smith, Sarah Louise - The Truth About Ellen
Smyth, Richard - A Sweet, Wild Note
Snoekstra, Anna - Only Daughter
Soames, Ruby - Seven Days to Tell You
Spain, Jo - The Confession
Staalesen, Gunnar - Wolves in the Dark
Starr, Jason - Too Far
Steadman, Helen - Sunwise
Steadman, Helen - Widdershins
Steele, Marcie - The Second Chance Shoe Shop
Steele, Marcie - Stirred With Love
Steele, Marcie - That's What Friends Are For
Stewart, Mary - Thornyhold
Stoneley, Zara - The Holiday Swap
Stovell, Sarah - The Home
Street, Chris - The Beer Guru's Guide
Stuart, Keith - A Boy Made of Blocks
Stuart, Keith - Days of Wonder
Suchet, John - The Last Waltz: The Strauss Dynasty and Vienna
Suchet, John - Mozart: The Man Revealed
Sugarman, Tina - Horseflesh
Swain, Heidi - The Cherry Tree Cafe
Swallow, James - Shadow
Swan, Kerena - Who's There?
Swykert, D.J. - The Death of Anyone
Sylvester, Maxine - Ronaldo: The Reindeer Flying Academy

Taylor, C.L. - The Escape
Taylor, C.L. - The Fear
Taylor, C.L. - The Lie
Taylor, C.L. - The Missing
Taylor, C.L. - Sleep
Taylor, Debbie - Herring Girl
Temple, Rosa - Natalie's Getting Married
Temple, Rosa - Single By Christmas
Therme, Erik - Keep Her Close
Therme, Erik - Mortom
Thomas, Carol - Crazy Over You
Thomas, Chris - The Edge of Sanity
Thomas, Chris - Enter the Dark
Thomas, Jo - The Olive Branch
Thomas, Mike - Unforgivable
Thomas, Russ - Firewatching
Thomas, Scarlett - The Seed Collectors
Thompson, Jessica - The Waiting Game
Thompson, Sharon - The Abandoned
Tilbury, Mark - The Abattoir of Dreams
Toltz, Steve - Quicksand
Tonge, Samantha - Forgive Me Not
Travis, Janey - I Need a Doctor
Treadway, Jessica - If She Did It
Tudor, C.J. - The Chalk Man

Underdown, Beth - The Witchfinder's Sister
Unger, Lisa - The Stranger Inside

Van Reenan, Collin - The Spaces in Between
Various - How Much The Heart Can Hold
Various - What Was Left
Various - When Stars Will Shine
Vaughan, Sarah - The Art of Baking Blind
Videcette, David - The Detriment
Videcette, David - The Theseus Paradox

Waddell, Dan - The Blood Detective
Wade, Claire - The Choice
Wainwright, Holly - The Mummy Bloggers
Waites, Martyn - The Sinner
Walker, Wendy - All Is Not Forgotten
Walters, Louise - A Life Between Us
Walters, Minette - The Last Hours
Ward, Kaylor - The Other Side
Way, Camilla - Watching Edie
Webb, Karen - A Stranger in Paris
Weissman, Raphaela - Monsters
Wesolowski, Matt - Beast
Wesolowski, Matt - Six Stories
Wharton, Eileen - Blanket of Blood
Wharton, Eileen - The M Word
Whitaker, Chris - Tall Oaks
Whitehouse, Lucie - Keep You Close
Whiteley, PJ - Close of Play
Willis, Susan - His Wife's Secret
Wilson, C.P. - Half The Lies You Tell Are True
Wilson, Jennifer C. - Kindred Spirits: Tower of London
Wilson, Jennifer C. - Kindred Spirits: Westminster Abbey
Wilson, Jennifer C. - The Last Plantagenet?
Wilson, Jennifer C. - The Raided Heart
Winter, Natalie - The Moments
Wood, Michael - Outside Looking In
Wood, Michael - For Reasons Unknown
Wood, Monica - The One in a Million Boy
Wyer, Carol - Life Swap
Wyer, Carol - Little Girl Lost

Young, Darren - Child Taken
Young, Pat - I Know Where You Live
Young, Pat - One Perfect Witness
Young, Pat - Revenge Runs Deep
Young, Pat - Till the Dust Settles
Young, Steph - Tales of Mystery Unexplained

Zanbaka, Elias - Environmentally Friendly
Zerkin, Becca - The Walking Dead Pop Up Book

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